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“Can Jewelry Change the World?”

Ricky Talmage
Yes, I believe jewelry can change the world…  one woman at a time. I’m Ricky Talmage, Designer and Chief Visionary Office of Peyster Street Handcrafted Jewelry. I’m passionate about making jewelry that helps women nurture and celebrate their inner beauty. Jewelry that helps you feel beautiful, confident and  joyful… and when you feel this way there’s nothing you can’t take on!
Each piece of jewelry I design is for you... a woman who values originality, a woman with a creative spirit who sees jewelry as much more than just an accessory, but as a personal expression of individuality and style.

Peyster Street Handcrafted Jewelry is not only beautifully designed and skillfully handcrafted, but full of passion and heart. My mission is to create meaningful, wearable pieces that speak to your heart and help you celebrate the special moments in life. The moments that remind you of why you’re here and your own uncommon beauty.

How it all started…

Years ago we were living in the East Bay section of California while my husband was a chiropractic student. One weekend I wandered into a bead shop with my fussy toddler, safely secured in his stroller - or so I thought! He reached up with his chubby little arm and proceeded to pull a tray of beads off the counter… what an unholy mess! Beads everywhere! After trying to help clean up the mess and apologizing repeatedly, we headed home. When I took him out of his stroller I realized he was sitting on a trove of gorgeous, colorful beads. The next day I went back to return the beads, and ended up with coming home with twice as many… and a serious jewelry-making habit!

My fussy baby Owen...now twenty years later!

My journey as a jewelry artist is continually changing and evolving. I began with beading, progresses to metal work, and am now enthralled with fine silver PMC (precious metal clay). I am primarily self taught (or should I say You-Tube educated!) and believe I will forever be a student. Like yoga, jewelry making is a practice! My hope is that the joy and happiness I experience  in this practice is translated to you, the wearer, through the feel of the piece in your hands.

Welcome to Peyster Street… handcrafted artistry found
off the beaten path!


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